Vladimir Dimitri Kockov, hails from the former Soviet Republic of Monrokvia, where, until the winter of 1989, he lived with his 17 brothers and sisters.The heavy-accented-tight-leather-trousered-mullet-hairdoed master magician, is now a resident of Barry Island in South Wales, and enjoys nationwide and international performances throughout the year.

'Kockov' is in fact the award-winning alter-ego of Jasper Blakeley, one of the UK¹s most exciting comedy magic performers.

Since turning professional in 2003, Jasper has already won several accolades, including double winner of both the prestigious Cardiff Magical Society¹s Stage & Cabaret Award and the Ken Perks Award for Close-Up Magic.

But after doing so much corporate work, Kockov has now found that he prefers the more real 'stand-up' environment.

Although there are many who can produce similarly stunning magic, there are few performers who can combine this skill with the quick wittedness of a comedy club performer whilst maintaining the illusion of being another character. Kockov is such a man.

You can follow Jasper on Twitter @JasperBlakeley

'Wonderful, flabbergasting and hugely entertaining ­ AMAZING!' ­ Clare James, Account Manager, Viatrus Pharmaceuticals
³Very professional, very funny, very magic!' Lydia Jones, Project Manager SWSbiz Wales
'You¹re really really good, but you¹re freakin¹ me out now, how the *£$@ did you do that ? ' ­ singer Mica Paris at Prince¹s Trust Awards Gala Dinner