North Devon Stand Up Comedian Luke Honnoraty is a confident, engaging performer who's skilled story telling is sure to captivate any crowd and he handles dark topics with a charismatic delicacy, performed with a cheeky, personable delivery. With his stories on life and embarrassing moments combined with his infectious personality, his brand of comedy is easily identifiable, which leaves you feeling like you've known him for years. A truly natural and gifted comedian who makes you feel most comfortable talking about the most uncomfortable subjects; the way in which he communicates such topics whilst making you fall further in love with his boyish charm is all part of the Honnoraty experience.

"One to watch, natural and engaging comedy,quite refreshing!" Cardiff Glee Club

"The lovable Luke Honnoraty opened with bundles of energy and brilliantly crafted stories of the delights of camping and his on-going struggles with the fashion world... A delight to watch, Luke is testament to the fact that some people were born to be on stage". Rib Tickler Comedy Club

"I wont be surprised if I'm writing for this guy's own TV show in the next 5 years! " Gary Delaney
"Luke Honnoraty is a truly engaging comedian telling hilarious tall stories on life as a devout Devonian, losing weight and on being very childish in supermarkets. Slick,well paced and a great opening to our show." Flock Comedy

You can follow Luke on Twitter @lukehonnoraty