Troy Hawke is an erudite home-schooled 1930's throwback...the Errol Flynn of the high street. Educated, sophisticated, but utterly clueless. He tackles modern issues head on in his uniquely untimely manner.

"A must see" Daily Mirror

"His act was a comedy masterpiece" The Stratford Telegraph

"He left some of our audience blinded by tears of laughter. A rare genius" Flock Comedy

"Troy Hawke sauntered onstage sporting the silk cravat and moustache of a fallen 1930’s matinee idol trying to make sense of the 21st century. A breathtaking display of banter skilfully interwoven with farcical tales this brilliantly observed character held our audience spellbound and laughing their socks off. Genius." Flock Comedy 29 January 2016