Luke Honnoraty is a truly engaging comedian telling hilarious tall stories on life as a devout Devonian, losing weight and on being very childish in supermarkets. Slick,well paced and a great opening to our show.
Lee Kyle worked our “posh” audience splendidly, highlighting the fact that the North/South divide is well and truly in place. Classic stand-up!
Edward Aczel bumbled onto the stage, bemused, bewitched & bewildered leaving the audience feeling exactly the same. Absolutely flocking brilliant!
Troy Hawke sauntered onstage sporting the silk cravat and moustache of a fallen 1930’s matinee idol trying to make sense of the 21st century. A breathtaking display of banter skilfully interwoven with farcical tales this brilliantly observed character held our audience spellbound and laughing their socks off. Genius.
Laura Lexx is quirky, sassy, cheeky and hysterically funny. She’s one of our favourite comedians
Phil Cooper has great stage presence and in his act, which contains surreal anecdotes, he bleats on about social justice and his struggle, as a Welshman, fitting into English society.
Chris McCausland delivers intelligent, accessible comedy. He’s a charming, self-effacing Scouser (you don’t meet many of those, do you?) who has greater vision and observes more than most sighted people!”
Nothing quite prepared our audience for the spectacle that was Wayne the Weird escaping from the confines of his chains, shackles and jacket. They were left open-mouthed with astonishment.
Chistopher Molineux’s set was a splendid blend of anecdotes, impressions and a Canadian’s observations of Britain. Very funny indeed.
Local lad Tom Goffe has a tiny head, huge hands and an unfortunate bedside manner which he puts down to coming from farming stock. VERY funny.
El Baldiniho is daft. He delivers a barrage of silly magic tricks, one liners and joshes with the audience. They LOVED him.
Nick Page ambles onto the stage and quietly draws the audience into his world - a world of fraud, community service and serial engagements. He doesn’t do props, audience banter, characters, one-liners, visual aids or mime; just intelligently told multi-layered stories riddled with jokes, laughs and the occasional gasp of shock.