Patrick Monahan was winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny. This half-Iranian, half-Middlesborough comic is a rising star on the comedy circuit. Full of an insatiable lust for life, his exuberant comedy greets the audience like a sex-starved spaniel would greet a trouser leg.

A natural-born performer exudes charisma from the stage (and often off it, when he scuttles into the crowd...!)

Patrick has recently been cited as the UK's hardest working comedian in an article in The Independent as he visited 104 different venues in the UK by the end of 2015. We're delighted he finds the time to visit us in The Cotswolds - as he's one of our favourite comedians.

"High energy and conviction, his material is great; he's going to go far" The Sunday Times

"Omid Djalili meets Dave Allen" Daily Mail

"Monahan possesses the rare ability to be hilarious without being outrageous" Three Weeks

'The same mix of control and on-stage charisma as a young Alan Davies" The Herald

'Monahan is a supremely engaging performer, adored by his audiences and capable of some terrific comedy" The Scotsman

"Pat Monahan is a master of Audience banter whose 'spot-on' observations have people laughing at themselves and each other. Never cruel, Always Funny and eminently Huggable." Flock Comedy.

You can follow Patrick on twitter @PatrickJMonahan