What you should ask before you book an event...

Questions, questions, questions:

As an organiser of an event you have a duty of care to look after the audience you invite along. Here's a short list of sensible questions to ask anyone you book for your fundraising event whether that's a mobile disco, a caterer, entertainer or indeed a comedy club.

  1. Can I see your Public Liability Insurance Certificate, please?
  2. Can I see your risk assessment form for our event, please?
  3. Can you show me the PAT Test certificates for all your electrical equipment, please? Or, can you prove that it's under two years old?
  4. Can I see some references or testimonials please?

Questions they should really ask you:

The Question they'll probably ask!
  1. Where are the fire exits and fire assembly points?
  2. Where's the first aid kit?

Questions they will probably ask you:

  1. Can we have free food and beer, please?