Flock at The Ditchley Foundation

Was there ever a more unusual place to host a Comedy Club? Our usual venues are village halls, social clubs and the occasional tent in a field. Never before have we gigged in The Great Hall of an eighteenth century country mansion! And so it was that we found ourselves in the grand surroundings of Ditchley Park, home to The Ditchley Foundation.

The evening marked the first time Lloyd Langford has been heckled by a grandfather clock. He vowed to smash it up when he'd finished his set in an antidote to The Antiques Roadshow, "...where we tell you what it WAS worth."

The sell-out audience were there to laugh for charity, The Lawrence Home Nursing Team


The evening was the idea of patron Graeme Garden who is a patron of the charity. He called on his friend and "Sorry I Haven't a Clue" colleague, Sandi Togsvig to host the evening. Sandi had just wrapped filming of her first series as host of QI and treated us to a quite interesting quiz, which went down very well with the Boden trouser-wearing menfolk and pearl-necklaced ladies of the audience.


Still, the audience was game and laughed long and hard at Nick Page's tales of infidelity on the fire escape of an Amsterdam hotel and Lloyd's £15 box of sex-aids extras at his hotel in Bournemouth.

It was great to be a part of this brilliant event.